About Mylar Embroidery ® and Purely Gates designs

Since my collections have been selling more globally, I have noticed designs popping up on the internet using mylar.  I knew the popularity would grow which is why I registered the trademark Mylar Embroidery®. Others may try to copy but nothing is quite like the original.

My designs are special, and not just because of the sparkle.  They are very well digitized.  I want my customers to not only enjoy embroidering my designs, but to also get the same successful results in their finished product – Problem free stitching, designs in registration, a unique look. I digitize my designs with the goal of few to no jump stitches, since everyone does not have a machine that clips jump stitches.

I have been asked why I do not offer free designs to download from my website. I want the Mylar Embroidery® designs to give the effect they were digitized for and if the right product is not used in the design, your impression of my design will not be as I intend.  Especially because I have also read many posts as to the myriad of different products being used to get the shiny effect that do not work.

Most of my dealers also sell the mylar product for my designs. If you want to try one of my Mylar Embroidery® designs and you do not have a dealer near you, you can go to my Orders page on my website to get information as to how to purchase CD collections and mylar sheets for shipping to locations within the US and Canada. You will not be disappointed.

Shipping to Europe is not yet an option unless I have a retail store there willing to carry my designs . I know I get a lot of visits from Denmark and the Netherlands with mylar inquiries.  If you have a local shop that you normally get your embroidery supplies from, ask them to contact me about being a Purely Gates Embroidery dealer (patricia@purelygates.com).  I have 2 distributors in Australia, Punch with Judy and Sewco Sewing and Patchwork Centre who are stocked with designs and mylar sheets.

Check back often for updates on new collections or visit the website purelygates.com.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Wookey
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 08:07:31

    Thank you for the designs you have created. Very clever and the directions are easy to understand.
    I love the fact that you truly do not have many jump stitches! The mylar is easy to do as I was a little timid about using it the first time.
    Thank you again,
    Karen W.


  2. pat bruns
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 18:11:53

    Patricia – I have a new granddaughter…..Can we get some monkey embroidery for her????Thanks


  3. Joy
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 04:58:06

    Mylar designs are beautiful but I have not tried one as yet maybe that is my next project


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