Mylar Curly Mermaid

Introducing my newest collection, Mylar Curly Mermaid.  This 12 design collection uses the beauty and sparkle of my Mylar Embroidery® to enhance the tail, body, scales, and swim cap of this ocean cute-y. Also included are her ocean friends- fish, jellyfish, a seahorse, and a whale.  Click on below to see this collection and the finished quilt.  The sashing and border fabric is blue bubbles.  These designs would also enhance a beach towel, beach bag, Tshirt, or swimsuit cover-up.

Any one of my “curly” collections can be stitched without the curls. Just skip the first color change (the curls are normally the first color to stitch so check the color change chart to be sure).  This will give you a design that is not so box-y or square.  If you already have one of my “curly” collections and have computer embroidery software for editing, try eliminating the curls to see what effect you get.  It gives a more asymmetrical design and a different look.  In some cases it also gives you a smaller overall design if you need one to fit in a particular spot. If you stitch a “curly” design on a say a towel, for instance, the running stitch of the curls may get lost or buried within the terry of the towel. You can just eliminate it.  But if you stitch the design on a fabric such as Benartex’s Minkee, the effect of the running stitch “curls” lends a great effect such a quilting on Minkee does.  Bottom line: experiment and play.  It will extend the use of the designs you already own.

I get allot of requests for design collections geared to little boys.  Well my next collection is just that.  It should be out soon.  If you would like to be contacted when a new collection is released, then sign up on my e-mail list.  There is a button to click to do so on my homepage at

I have added to my website a page for a list of dealers to contact if you would like to purchase my design collections.  I also have dealers that are willing to ship Internationally so please contact them if you do not see a dealer in your part of the world. Not all dealers are listed as of yet.  I am still waiting for their responses to my request for permission to add them to my website.  If you have a favorite shop you support for your embroidery, quilting, & sewing supplies, tell them to visit to become a dealer.  They can also become your supplier of the mylar sheets.


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