Thread color selection

When it comes to choosing thread colors for a design, at times it can seem like a monumental decision.  Why do we spend so much time picking threads? We feel the need to select the exact thread colors that we saw the original stitched in.  This is usually because color choice can be one of the reasons we fall in love with a design in the first place. “We want that design in those colors on that fabric!”

When I choose thread colors for a new collection, it may be colors that match a fabric I chose to display the designs on.  I may choose thread colors just based on what colors a particular design most commonly comes in and then I choose a shade I like.  If it is a fantasy type design, I just try to pick color combinations that go well together.  I have my favorites when it comes to skin tones and shading and I really love bright greens. If I pick thread colors and stitch the designs out, then I select fabrics to make the sample from, the fabric selection becomes much harder for me.

We love embroidery because it is a creative outlet for us. Let picking the thread colors be your part of the designs originality.  Choose colors you like.  Treat the colors on the color chart as a suggestion or even just to show you what portion of the design that particular color is going to stitch. If a design calls for 3 greens: a light, a medium, and a dark, choose 3 in your stash of threads that you like. Experiment with color. Make the design your own.  I really enjoy seeing what you have created with my designs and to see the color you choose.  Send me your project photos to either my email ( ) or post them yourself on my Facebook page for Purely Gates Embroidery.


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